What Is Investing in Websites?

What is Investing in Websites?

To put it simply, think of investing in websites like real estate, but online. There’s a reason many of us geeks call it ‘virtual real estate’…

You may be asking yourself now ‘how is that in any way similar to buying a property?’

Well… Hear us out. 

Every single website you’ve ever visited is worth money. Plain and simple. Whether it’s only worth $0.01 or $1,000,000,000,000 (yes, that’s $1 TRILLION) like Amazon, it’s always worth something.

That something is dependent upon a number of factors such as page views, uniques, gross revenue, net profit, age of the website and the list goes on… But that’s another conversation. 

The point is, it’s worth money. Whatever it’s worth, that figure can be increased by increasing the variables. We call that ‘capital appreciation’. 

Websites don’t only benefit from capital appreciation, but also benefit from a monthly revenue if monetised (some far more than others). That’s essentially ‘rent’. 

So, that’s why we call investing in websites virtual real estate as, like real estate, you benefit from not only capital appreciation which means the asset is worth more when you eventually come to sell it, but you also benefit from monthly cash flow. 

The return on investment can be astronomical if done correctly (by us…) so drop us a message if you’re looking to get the best return on investment possible from your money. 


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